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Rediscovered 15th century Virgin and Child reflects Bastiani’s broader style

Lundi 23 Novembre 2020 à 16h
Stéphane Pinta of the Old Master specialist Cabinet Turquin is the expert for this 19 x 12in (48 x 31cm) devotional oil on panel, which is by the Italian painter Lazzaro Bastiani who was working in Venice from 1449-1512.

Another Bastiani work on this theme is the painting in the Museo Civico in Padua dated to c.1465, when his work was influenced by the Paduan school and by Andrea Mantegna and Antonio and Bartolomeo Vivarini.

The version coming up in Troyes, which shows the oval-faced Madonna with the Christ child lying a naked on parapet, has been dated later, to c.1480, when Bastiani had moved towards a broader, fuller style in his compositions.

The estimate on the painting, which is contained in a baroque period carved and gilt frame, is €50,000-70,000.

Paru sur le site le 23 novembre 2020.